FREE Training for Busy Professional Men Over 40
Presented by Dr. Hud Shaker MD PhD
Discover How Busy Men Over 40 Are Losing Their Belly Fat and Getting Lean on a CEO's Schedule
Discover the "No Gym Approach" Busy Men Are Using To Torch Fat So They Can Feel More Confident In A Suit (And Look Better Naked!)

(Without Wasting Time In The Gym or Giving Up Steak)

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In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • Why hours of cardio AND lifting heavy weights to burn belly fat almost never works, and the TWO "simple" things Men need to do to melt that fat away.
  • ​The official dietary advice that busy professional men should IGNORE (and what they should eat instead to get that athletic body even if they're working a 60 hour week!)
  • ​The effective technique that's'helped men cut their workout time down from 90 to 20 minutes (and have more time with friends and family!) and get the same or better results!
  • ​​Why gimmicks such as detoxes, pre-workouts, BCAAs, fat-burners and testosterone boosters wont get you to your body goals and why eating more of your FAVOURITE foods can!
  • ​​The Unique Method my private clients use to stay in shape during and after family vacations or business trips (without hitting the gym or going on extreme post-trip diets!)
  • ​And More
About your host

Busy Doctor. Busy dad. Your Health Coach.

Dr. Hud Shaker (MD PhD) is a well-known surgeon, international medical researcher, and health coach with over 10 years of medical experience.
He is the founder of the Athletic Body Roadmap and has been featured on several radio programs and wellness websites.

Whilst balancing life as a busy surgeon, researcher and family man, Dr. Hud also specializes in helping busy professional men get at the root of their weight and metabolism problems through science-backed techniques.

With his help, many men have lost weight and taken the best steps to be fitter, have lower levels of inflammation...all without sacrificing their work-life balance.
This workshop is for busy dads who want to get lean without hunger, exhaustion or wasting their precious time
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